Alluring Attractions in Shah Alam

Shah Alam with its beautiful mosques, museums & other historical architectural
structures has achieved its goals as the most favorable destination for tourists in the district of Petaling. It has stood by its motto which says ‘Indah Bestari’ in Malay which means Beautiful, Brilliant. Shah Alam’s beauty has inspired many to explore
its amazing vivid atmosphere & magnificent architecture. Most tourists visit Shah Alam to see its eccentric calligraphy on the architecture of the historical sites such as mosques, minarets etc. Apart from the famous blue mosque of Shah Alam also known as Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, it has numerous other attractions such as Muzium Sultan Alam Shah, Sultan of Selangor’s Palace, Shah Alam Agricultural Park, Shah Alam Lake Gardens etc.
The Sultan of Selangor’s Palace is one of the popular tourist’s attractions in Shah Alam with its exotic view from the hill top. Its sprawling palace has tantalized the minds of several young visitors who admire its beautiful architecture & interior designs. The Shah Alam Agricultural Park also known as Taman Partanian has become a popular tourist attraction. It hosts range of activities for families with children such as playgrounds, jogging, bicycling track etc. It’s artificial lake offers a sensational view for its visitors along with the world’s largest agricultural park.
During peak season & school vacations, the Shah Alam Agricultural Park is generally
packed with thrilled visitors from all around the world along with local inhabitants of Shah Alam & its nearby towns & villages. 
Tourists visiting Shah Alam for the first time often prefer to eat their own western cuisines with less spices & chilies.  Tourist can travel to Selangor via different bus service from Malaysia bus companies like S&S International Express, Konsortium Singapore, 99 Coachland,  Transtar Travel, 707 inc, Delima SG, Hasry Travel, KKKL Singapore, Kejora Express just to name a few.
However, the Malaysian ethnic food rejuvenates their taste buds & inspires them to try more cuisines.  
The Shah Alam Sports Complex or Kompleks Sukan Shah Alam is proud to host The Amazing Race Asia Season 1 of go-karting. This gigantic complex is fully equipped to hosts range of sporting events starting from boxing, road cycling, go-kart etc. It is one of the biggest stadium in Malaysia with a seating capacity of more than eighty thousand. The Shah Alam Sports Complex is home for the famous football team Selangor FC which has won several Cup, Titles and Shield.  
The Uptown Shah Alam is quite a charming place to hang with friends & families as it is located close to LKSA highway. Tourists visit the uptown Shah Alam quite often due to its strategic location & flea market which offers hosts of quality goods & items at a low price. Tourists prefer to buy various stuffs from such market due to its fresh produce and cheap nature.  
Moreover, the uptown Shah Alam offers vide range of food stalls offering vivid range of cuisines starting from Malay, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian etc. Everyone prefers to eat food from such stalls as it offers delicious food at reasonable price.
Uptown Shah Alam also hosts range of concerts & games to attract potential tourists each year. Shah Alam truly allures everyone with its attractions & historical sites. There are also many bus from Singapore to Malacca too.

Finding Ferry Tickets Price Online

One among many of the islands comprising Indonesia is Bintan. It has its own identity, though, which confidently segregates it from the rest. The most popular name of the Southeast Asian topology is Singapore and our topic of interest, Bintan, is not far from there. A measurement by the watch on your hand will show you that the distance is only about 45 minutes by ferry service.

Ferry service is also another important factor that has made travelling around these parts of the world quite interesting. Ferry travel by itself is an experience that has made tourist count increase in these regions. The thrilling experience of this mode of travel coupled with the utilization of the latest technologies has helped to make ferry Singapore to batam much comfortably for the past few years.


The ferry service to and from Bintan to Singapore is majorly operated by three companies; Indo Falcon, Sindo and Bintan Resort. On weekdays, the regularity of the services tends to be around six times on either way. However, the count sees an increment on weekends and during holidays. It will cost you around 45 Singapore Dollars to travel. A wise decision on your part would be to book the return ferry ticket as well while you are booking for your destined journey. Since the capacity of the ferry is around 12 passengers on each ride, they tend to fill up also quite fast.


This equation also helps to solve the quest for a different route to visit Singapore from Indonesia, especially if you are considering something that is more reliable and comparatively cheaper.

Probably these things have made ferry gain an increasing popularity over the years, with more and more tourists opting for it.

It has been quite simple these days to book your ticket. Online services are there to make things handier for us. who is the top bus ticket online booking provider had expanded into ferry ticket booking service has taken these things to one level higher, with its simple steps to book tickets in advance. Add to it the benefit of gaining a good discount price, if you want to opt for a round trip.

A couple of other factors that you must know before you start you’re booking and planning your travel. If you are visiting the place on a festival or occasion and that too in a group, just check beforehand and you might get to book the entire ferry for yourselves. If you wish to drink and eat within the ferry while enjoying the enchanting view, you are allowed to do so. However, take precautionary measures so as to be safe throughout your entire journey.

Tourists have a liking towards the Bintan Islands which boasts of a very pleasant surroundings. The various beach activities, lush green landscapes or simply playing golf – there is no dearth of excitement when it comes to spending time in this place.

Hence, the various factors mentioned above will only help your travel to become much more successful one.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum – Melaka


The Malaysian museum is located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng in Melaka. The traditional history of the Chinese and Malays are beautifully held with esteem within this museum. The Peranakans who were born in the British ruled Straits of Singapore are referred to as Nyonya and Baba. For the past 400 years the Baba Nyonya culture has grown to be highly distinctive and interesting. The prominence of this culture can be found mainly in the regions of Melaka. The museum canvases the heritage and culture of the Babas and Nyonyas to the public. A visit to this museum will surely make you feel highly enriched.

The famous Jonker Walk street runs paralelly to Jalan Tun Tan Cheng which hosts the famous museum. Hence it won’t be that difficult for you to reach out to this place. From Zoo Malacca you can get a taxi and reach the museum within 20 minutes. You can also gain the eco-friendly trishaw to reach out to the place. The museum remains open daily from 10 in the morning till 12:30 at noon and again from 2pm to 4:30 in the afternoon. You are however prohibited from using cameras inside the museum area.

The rich and colorful museum culture is looked after by the families of the original inhabitants of this place. Hence, the rooms and furniture you will get to see inside the museum are epic. You will get to see floor tiles and hanging lights from the Victorian period and European furniture inside the rooms. You will also get to see collection of costumes and other household ornaments which formed the basis of the lifestyle of the Peranakans. As you will slowly unfold the cultures of Baba Nyonya era, you will feel yourself to have stepped inside a time travel machine and gone back to a distant period. Each of the unique properties you will find inside the museum has its own story behind it.

Cuisine or Makanan forms a major aspect of the Peranakan culture. Makanan is loved by the Malaysian people and is treated as their important food heritage. The Nyonya dishes are basically a combination of the traditions of the Chinese and the Malay. The dishes are made of unorthodox vegetables, coconut milk and curries and sauces. However you will find that the locals herein prefer to eat with their fingers rather than using a chopstick. This leads to the belief that this is the tradition followed from their Chinese ancestors.

There are some other attractions present in close proximity to the museum which makes it an important place of visit for both local and international tourists. You will find the St. John’s fort present nearby, from where you should not miss the view of the tropical sunset. Also located nearby is the Portuguese Square which is known for its 400 years old cultural adoption. The place is a host to numerous interesting stalls and restaurants and is one of the most popular landmarks of the area.